Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Puisi : 28th Sunrise

I just heard a song
In a prison barred by the sea
A song about unchained and freedom
And a phrase what needs to be

Here, all element had gathered
Where once empty and uncharted
From shearing wind and blaze at gate
To painful love and addicting hate

Hear for what the songstress sang
Let the hail past, and gears grind
Under the moon, future shall unwind

Yet this scar was so deep,
Memories of betrayal that's what i keep
So I send my curses, bickering and quarrel
Carried to you by the midnight squall

By thunder, the nightwatch said no,
Embrace your ghost and fear with your might
Survive the angered night!
Its what I must do so.

Till this storm dies at dawn,
I have nothing but only to frown
Found guilty as a convict of time
The sight of the 28th sunrise
Its either forgiven or demise.

Tembungo Alpha, 1 Oct 2014

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