Monday, 29 September 2014

Photo : Colours of Beijing (Episode 3)

Only a few cities in the world serves for so long as the political headquarters and culture center. Beijing is one of them. China may choose the communist block, alongside with Russia and remain a close door policy until certain period. But when it opens its door to the world, it became the next superpower. Picture shows us near the famous 'Birdnest' Stadium, built for the 2008 Olympic Games

 We can't ignore some street vendors there. Here, she sell decorated pen. A simple product that even we could get it here. What does astonished me was, each pen has their own flaw even though it was the same design. A sign that it was not industrial made

Here's an example of our lunch during our tour. A lot of stir-frying dish. Actually it was less salty and oily compare to our dish back home. Maybe due to some comments and previous experience with other customers, the travel agent recommended these types of dish to be serve to us, as it was at least common in Malaysia. Malay tongue especially won't easily fit with the local dish, i may say.

We did a slight detour after lunch to a local market nearby to buy some fruits. About the same back home with extra options like strawberries and other berries. We couldn't communicate properly but hand signs and 'Ayam-Itik' session kind off made it through. I wonder if trades made ages ago was like this the exchange of language and vocabulary were made here, at a market place..

We stopped for prayers everyday. It was within the package. At this mosque in particular, i met a turkish student studying international diplomacy at Beijing University, which is nearby. I envied him for the courage he had traveling far away alone in a young age. I didn't managed to get a picture with him. The Mosque was quiet small compare to our mosque. The size is more like surau size. But the facility around was awesome. Classrooms.. libraries.. I was not too surprise to see that these facilities, which a bit so-so compared to us, have local visitors and students everyday studying Quran and Islam..

to be continued..

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