Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Photo : Colours of Beijing (Episode 2)

A lot of Uyghur people doing small business around touristic area. These are not scammers. These are honest people trying to make a living with their business. But still, price negotiation is a must. The Initial price is considerably expensive. But for food product, just buy them.

Beijing is a popular among Malaysian tourist. As you can see, not just our group spend their holidays here. At least in this hall, there are 50 tables with 8 chairs each. 400 people per serve! That's a lot!

Visiting Beijing is not complete if we missed out the Great Wall of China. First build under the Dragon King, Qin Shi Huang (the first Emperor of China) to oppose Northern Invasion. During the Ming Dynasty, these wall was refortified , reconstructed and extended using brick and stones. A lot of it already became ruins but it was estimated 8850km long!

Everyday over there is a busy day. People keep bustling around especially on the streets and roads, living its name as the capital city of China. I asked my tour guide about their behavior of always on the move. She said its the Chinese people nature. Even after eating, they will at least walk. She was stunned before seeing tourist from Malaysia, sit back and relax after a meal.

This was our breakfast example. Not the expecting taste of a Malaysian-need-spicy tongue. But still it did kick off some new experience of having a breakfast in Beijing. Such a wonder when people it different country have a different taste buds and appetite. It may influenced by available local products and climate though..  But then again, types of food consume eventually create the the way of thinking, wisdom and thoughts of the people. Is our lazyness culture came from our food...?

to be continue

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