Monday, 8 September 2014

Photo : Colours of Beijing (Episode 1)

We didn't planned to join this trip till the final 2 months.
Then suddenly, we flew to Beijing on March 2013. Alhamdulillah..

We followed a halal tour, a tour that bring to a halal place to eat and shop. They also bring us to the local mosque and respect the prayer time.

The City of Beijing still preserve a lot of their historical structure. Even they are viewed as a different block of the world, but they do honour and cheerish their culture and history. The Forbidden City is actually a small town. around it a lot of lakes and parks. Maybe it was developed after the dynasty period, i didn't know. but is was a one good job.

It was end of winter when we visited there. But the chill and cold winds remain. The locals use a lot of cycles. Maybe due to their mobility and cheapness

Jade stones are very synonym with Chinese people. Its a metamorphic rock that made up from two different silicates. This mix of colours and pattern made it as a very beautiful ornamental stones. When we visited jade factory, they even throw us a technique how to distinguish a fake and a real jade. I just brought a low grade jade ring though..

to be continue...

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