Sunday, 8 April 2012

So.. this is what they called training

Assalamualaikum wbt

I could agree enough with a saying, empty room insane your mind (heck, i just made it up). I didnt have any ideas or the will to blog back in Malaysia. But, not even after 24 hours i arrived here in Abu Dhabi, i started to write again. Maybe due to the hotel-like room for myself, large fluffy beds and pillows and a slight spacious compare to my room.

Not all know that i had entered a working life. Even some of my immediate family. Now, why must i do that? Because, even a near 100% will-happened thingy, might not be happening. Yep. The past 2 years of up and downs really put something in me brain.

My position is a Field Specialist, in Oil and Gas exploration. Job, kuli cacai log lumpur or Mud Logger.

Thanks to my friends who kept me in their prayers, asking God so that I got a job. Really. Last few months I was cracking my head about Mechanical properties of rocks found in Kenny Hill Formation, and the next thing happen is I was inside a dummy chopper sinking inside a 10m deep pool, trying to escape out.

Life really like a roller coaster. it has its moments going up and down. But the speed and force is like a box of chocolate. Suprises from God is always the element.

Today was the 1st day of my training as a Mud Logger. Location, a facility located in the middle of nowhere in Abu dhabi. Regradless, they have, 8 pool tables, gym, sport facility and some other stuff. Yeah, paradise for some might think of.

To be frank, i'm not really fit in myself with the luxurious environment. Oh, food is exceptionally well received. hehe.. I''m some sort of fearing something. Fearing that, once i already suit myself in, i'll be maintaining that kind of lifestyle back in Malaysia.

Really.. Fearing that hatiku dikuasai rasa dunia dan kedunian, manakala tangan juga sibuk mengorek dan menggapai kehidupan utk kedunian.

At this point I bet people start to depress, rite? haha.. No worries InsyaAllah. Keep me in your prayers.

Simon Malik

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