Thursday, 25 June 2009

Ipoh Mali..

salam wbt

this entry will be written in english. be warned, there'll be alot of grammer mistakes. do read with caution.

well, it was exactly a week ago, that i went for a trip to ipoh. why ipoh in the first place? let just say that a son, who only return home once a year and all his weekends in his holidays were taken, wanted to spent some quality time with his dad. ^^

its true, if some say, i'd travelled a lot to ipoh for the past 7 years ( since 2001 to be exact). it was because my father got promoted but he had to fill up the position at the Ipoh General Hospital. heh, i dont care much as long as he drive all the way back to klang each weekend.
And for some reasons, i went there if i had a chance.

And now, just after a few days after my arrival at Malaysia, i packed-up my travelling gear and went to ipoh again. well.. i gotta 'booked' him a couple of days before so that i didnt waste away my days in ipoh, 'prisoned' inside a room with no place to go at day.

Last week's tripped was incroyable (awesome in french). it was the first time i took the shuttle train from KL to ipoh, which it started it services on april, i think. to be honest, with a RM10 single tiket n quite a cosy economic class seat, it was way better than riding the bus (only to ipoh case, to melaka or JB, its ok ok )

me and Kak num took the 1pm train at KL central. we got our Klang-KL tiket for half-price cause that we had the antarabandar tiket with us (the KL-Ipoh ticket). and yeah, we had carefully plan our journey to KL since, it was nearly one hour ride to KL from Klang. (plus, 20 mins walk to the bus stand, and 30 mins bus ride to klang).

there's one thing i wanted to share about. when we were walking, a humble apek with his old toyota stops by n give us a ride. one dialog that i remembered till now,

'i already lived here for 10 years, how come i never seen u before?'

actually his house n my house aint so far away. but, could u see how, so called 'modern-life' took away something? heh... to those who apparently came back from overseas after couple of years 'malas nk balik' , start knowing your neighbourhood.. ^^

Thx to the uncle, we saved quite some time. so we were a little bit advanced. Taking the public transport may not be thee main option for malaysian once. suprisingly, it was full-seated when the train started to move! man it was exciting! (the fun fade away if u try to compare with france or any oversea's train services; so dont be a fun-spoiler, be original ^^)

a 3 hour ride seem short if u r a person who easily dooze off. and yeah, it air conditioned. still cant sleep and thinking of killing the time? get a book! ^^

my adventure didnt stop when i arrived at ipoh. i kick-off again, the following morning towards the Tempurung Cave, 40 mins to 1 hour ride from Ipoh. (dont blame me for obsessing nature especially stones and rock formations, its my way to fall in love with allah)

here, u'll be given 4 packages. 2 'dry' packages and 2 'wet' packages. for those who wanted adventure and strenous activity, take the 4th package (not for sissy's) for just RM22 par person with the minimum 8 person.

i couldny say it was unlucky for us that day, only the 3rd package was available because there was alot of rombongan that day. but then, we need another 6 person because the 3rd package also needs a minimum of 8 person per trip. so we tagged along with the Sekolah Menengah Sungai Kok. hehe..

oh, make sure u come here well equiped and well prepared. spare clothes and spare shoes, torch light, a well protected bag (for keys, kameras, water, etc) and of course, GUTS!

its pretty alluminated in the begining, but a cave with lights all the way? get real! (so a nice small torchlight would come in handy in the middle of the cave)

so what sort of adventure did i manage to get? erm.. we did climbed over 1000 stairs.. slide 9m down.. slipping through a 3 meter crack ( really a prob for a big-sized person), jalan itik inside water.. etc. Nothing life-risking cause is not rainy season. the ranger asked us to come back again dis dec.. well i'm thinking of bringing a long anyone who wants a real deal of adventure. again, dont blame me for being a risk-taker. hehehe... (i'm aiming for the fourth package.. life isnt fun if u dont face challenges or put ur life on the line, dont u agree?)

after, half-soaking ourselves with high calcitique water, we rush towards a hot spring near Sungai Kelah to ease-off the muscle (its another 40 mins drive from gua tempurung, mind u)

while we relaxing our muscle inside the hot spring, a group from Persatuan Kanak² Istimewa Kajang joined us. maybe for some people it was a spoil-sport, but for me it was something else.

let me put u in a different perspectif.

just before we came here, i was the most beautiful, most wildest of god's creation inside the cave. dolphin shape.. sheep shape.. u name it... n most importantly it was made by god. it just too 'care-free' if it was coincidence.

Who hath appointed the earth a resting-place for you, and the sky a canopy; and causeth water to pour down from the sky, thereby producing fruits as food for you. And do not set up rivals to Allah when ye know (better). (22)

n now, fate had made me meet kanak² istimewa.. it gave me the feeling of bersyukur, that we, who borned normally, could properly take care ourselves properly, read, communicate with other people, learned french, going to stage and so on.. dont u think there is a purpose why god made us normal in the first place? (given akal). thats show us that we are a makhluk yg dimuliakan.

Verily we have honoured the children of Adam. We carry them on the land and the sea, and have made provision of good things for them, and have preferred them above many of those whom We created with a marked preferment. (70)

it was unfair to treat them as alien or something. to be honest, yeah, its a bit uncomfortable earlier. but after sometime, its funny pulak tgk gelagat diorg ( mak, tabik spring adam mak mengajar budak² istimewa kat sekolah, dah bertahun² plak tuh!)

oh yeah, dont stay too long in the water, u'll get a headache. it is adviced to drink a lot water after berendam, and rest for an hour before driving. or u could have a kelapa pandan not far from the main gate. while cooling off, i talked wit my dad bout my updates and my future plans (huh....?). ey, bukan senang tau nk borak² face to face ngan apak aku tau! ^^

Dad is a mouth specialist at ipoh general hospital. Got off his degree in dentistry at New Zealand with the help of Commenwealth Scholarship. dad's way of educating us is kinda.. urm.. like a lion teaches his cub. kan dier akan tolak anaknyer dekat tebing n tunggu anaknya naik sendiri tebing tuh? sounds cruel but thats a fact.

well.. i'm not complaining but his method enable all 4 of us, to manage ourselves at a young age and made us who we are now. He made us strong willed, n he kinda forged this ' Bring it on!' spirit inside of us. alhamdulillah, i'm sooo berterima kasih with his method.
No, really. Eventhough he jarang² ada rumah, but his teachings always left-the-mark. throw at him anything, he'll give his opinion or idea, and it goes boom!

i learned a lot from him, eventhough there are things that i didnt agree at all that i rather follow my own way, but still, his teachings really help me face the cruelty and the harshness of lives

to be true, without his 'Budget' system since i learned how to read, there's no way i could eat, travel, and save with my 700€ allowance. yup, he built-up our financing and management capability. not to mention timing and efficiency too.

sounds too military? yes and no. ^^

its true that i always played chess with him since i was a kid. other than learning how to kill his queen swiftly, he also pass down some knowledge that never written on a book.. such as.. recognising the durian. till now, i only the D24 other than to pulun sebaik mungkin. actually there's a lot of D's.. Durian Hutan la.. durian kampung la.. D2 la.. D88 la (i doubted it's ever existed). Hail Durian the King!

And in the Earth are neighbouring tracts, vineyards and ploughed lands, and date-palms, like and unlike, which are watered with one water. And we have made some of them to excel others in fruit. Lo! herein verily are portents for people who have sense. (4)

Dad also has a superb driving skills, espeacially his parking skills, wtih sebesar² kereta and sekecik² ruang parking, he still can managed it. urm.. i still didnt mastered it very well though. but i still glad he became my personal tutor before i started my L. thx dad ^^

not only that, he once taught me 'makan-beradab'. er... fine-dining? senang citer, dining with knife and fork in a very ackward environment of silence. yup.. things to be learn once in a while..

but dad not the high-class and a no-no to stalls, mind you! he somehow knew the best place to eat, eventhough we arrived to a place for the first time. ( it happened at Bidor)

ipoh? he knew this town since his STAR ages! so basically, when i spend time with him, it is a 'makan²' period. and i like! we do indulge in eating especailly seafoods.

well that night, we do our usual 'thing' (bowling or Snooker). yeah, i know. its hard to believe that a father and son could hang out at places like these ^^

another quality time spent. do it frequently terutama our parents, cause we dont know if we can get another chance.

actually, this entry is dedicated to my father.


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fanramli said...


i've never been to Gua Tempurung. but Gua Kelam, once. haha.

how cool! there's actually different packages to explore Gua Tempurung, eh?

macam pegi Sunway Lagoon.


(ok. it has been 5 minutes since this comment box opened.)

aku rasa, i really am pooring (is this word exist pun?) in english.

anyway, its really a good thing when a son could talk about anything with his father because nowadays, you see,these adolescents dun bother anymore about this precious moment.

entri english, kena la komen english. (haha, gila terbelit lidah aku.)

AISHAH roslan said...

brape rm eh tiket from KL - ipoh?

Simon Malik said...

to fan


wah, ke gua kelam. cam menarik jer!

hehe.. masa aku gi sekolah, mmg berbelit² lidah aku cakap. hehe..

to aishah

RM10 sehala, dari KL central

kash_tunai said...

hang da sampai msia ke???
await x habaq???
egt balik same ngn amir ...

pe khaba wei???
free buzz la YM