Saturday, 14 June 2008

the mind's eyes awaken at last...

Attention, dis is a re-post from my FS blog


Its been a while since i updated my blog. Yet i still gain somthing in dat period of time

1-5 jun, attend Biro Tata Negara Camp. Fun if u luv to attend class, forums n talks. But we were trained by x-armies. So at least, we get our butt on the move, no relaxin, 4 5 days in a row. Team work spirit, discipline, punctual is all i get. N of coz, provocative issues dat always hot to talk. Heh, not a waste after all.

7-13 jun, attended 'jati diri' camp. 2 main course in a week. The Eagle in You, for mentally n physically preparation. Do u believe me if i say, there are 4 birds inside u? 1 are dominant of coz but do u believe me? Well there are eagle, peacock,owl and dove. Want to know their specification, be a petronas scholar.. Frankly, Eagle n peacocks are leaders and the other 2 are followers. Peacock needs friend, eagle headstrong, owl is too cautios n dove is the 'pak turut' type. Then again, to survive the challenge of the world, we need a team. The team like the geese flew in V shape each migration.

Cooperation n teamwork is needed to achieve the goal. Who said 'Rambo' or 1 man army can win the battle, they still depends on others to work wit the plan. It looks like we still have a lot to learn from birds. Maybe because birds are angry of human coz killing n destroying them after delivering such wisdom, H5N1 is created. god knows.... Mr.Yunos showed us The Dead Poet Society(reminds me of my la sallian brothers) and even let us sleep for 40 mins on the second day after lunch. not bad... what i realize (again) 'dat mind is like a wild forest, expore its routes and only yourself have the power to tame it'

Second course is the spiritual preparation. My god, until dat very day, i thought my minds eye was open, but they showed me dat my mind's eye were sleeping and awaken several times only.... The facilatator also have a unique skill...They can read my mind... Only my mind... It give me the creeps... Maybe my brain were screaming or watsoever than others until their mind trace my thinking. Wats so special of my mind? Are they saw my brain is red and others is green?... But i think i never forget, we have only 1 life, achieve ur goal n glory while u can... Yet, they very kind to us. Cancel classes or letting us rest for a while. Have u ever think i u chosen to walk on earth?

-tidak aku jadikan jin dan manusia kecuali beribadat kepadaku- yes.... to serve the lord. and threis another... -aku turunkan manusia adalah untuk menjadi khalifah di bumi dan memakmurkannya- So, why must we let our life's past on with emptiness, regretting the past... Get real, dis is no game which there is a restart button or 'god mode cheat'. We destroy life on earth, waging wars with each others, fighting, and all those awful things... is dis our purpose of existance? Life might be dificult, but is easy when u know allah always help us. Seek the light my dear friends. Each person dats was born were never destinied to be a failure, the difference is their mind. Value life my friend. Seek the knowledge and wisdom from nature n god...With ur mind's eye...

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Niealex said...

bila u tulis mcm ni, baru nampak apa sebenarnya yg kita buat kat kajang tu. >_<"

but the real eye opener was the kursus fitrah perkasa.
i still remember the part where we're supposed to write a will.