Monday, 30 June 2008

another week story


another week had pass yet full of story to tell. i spent my week with a suprising less-than-5-hours at home each day. (even lesser i think)

i just came back from langkawi yesterday, but the reportage bout it i'll do it later coz blom tuntut lagik certain pics from my brother. insyaAllah by dis week i'll finish it.

tanggal 23 dan 23 jun, jumlah network aku tetiba melonjak ke paras tertggi. mengapa? Biarlah rahsia... hehehe. on those memorable days, i started to use ana-anta, felt the true bond of brotherhood, felt the love between us almost instantly eventho tak knl lgsg diorg. i never felt dis kind of acceptance, usually people always placed an invisible wall between strangers b4 they noe them trully. but now i felt a bit shamed of myself bcoz of dis atititude of mine. alhamdulillah Allah had opened my heart to dis kind of bond, the bond of islam. n i rather feel comfortable when conforting people on the streets especially to those who share the same religion of mine after greeting them with salam n smile. now dis is the TRUE meaning of spreading love. (thx to uztaz Salam for showing me dis, unintentionally, XD )

on the 23 jun, i arrived at home near maghrib (n i missed the pasar mlm, tp takpe, mggu depan ader lagik). then after prayin isyak at the mosque wit Al-azridz n Farizul, we took our dinner at the Andalas Corner. dis long survived restoran near my house have reputation wit its western food among the penduduk of andalas. but i already muak wit western, so i ordered Kuey teow kerang (after Amir kirim salam to it, hehehe, dier suro aku mkn utk dier la tuh) n suprisingly, i'm still hungry. hohoho... so i cont my dinner with sizilling yee mee. but raser dier ader kurang sket berbanding at jusco bukit raja.

the following day, (wednesday the 24th), i went to Low Yat wit a friend of my with her sister to do some gadget hunting. to people who always put public transpot as their main option will surely felt the importance to remember the road, junctions n turns along the way. of coz, i too one day will drive to kl, (walopon harga bhn bakar expensive). so biler sampai near bukit bintang... 'oooo.. itu Lot 10... ooo itula Pavillion.. ooo itu la etc etc'. mcm lawatan sambil belajar plak. so u all might asking, wat i do when i go to kl b4 dis. the answer is, i hunt the item i want, n went straight home. coz malas nk berhimpit2 dlm putra n komuter after 5 pm

well, a trip to KL was indeed another shock to me. tp rilek.. cool.. chill.. jgn pitam.. jgn jerit.. aper kan daya aku hanya dpt mmpu bersabar,menggelengkan kepala, dan berpaling dr pandangan tersebut. buat tak tau? oh tidak... kalu nk diikutkan raser nk sepak teranjng pon ader. .

on thursday, i went to port klang to renew my IC coz kat saner biasernyer takde org. thx to my friend Al sbb saggup drive kn ku ari kamis tuh n all those useful info bout the best-thing-food-service-dat-we-can-get. so aku tu mner nk carik kedai ns kandar yg mmg btol ns kandar, post office yg takde org utk byar bil. short cuts, etc etc (syukur aku ader kwn mcm dier) . tp malangnyer, aku ke port klang hanya sia2 sbb diorg punya sistem tgh ofline. rabak.. tp msti ader hikmah sebalik kom yg offline itu. mlm tuh aku ke seksyen 24 bersama2 sahabat2 lain utk menghadiri usrah.

n pagi keesokan hari nyer pkol 6 pagi, aku dah bertolak ke LCCT utk langkawi, so bersambung la kiter..


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