Sunday, 11 May 2008

karenah birokrasi...

attention, dis is a repost from my FS blog

waiting 4 any sponsorship? wat the hell are they doing? why they took a very long time to jus say 'congrats u got our money'.
people nowadays want everything fast, up-to-date, n easily access. but do they ever think the hardwork to make somehow life easier?

today, jpa n petronas announce their lucky candidate. yet, upu still unacesseble although announce at the radio 'kepada pelajar yg memohon IPTA, semakan akan dibuka pada pukul 12 tghri'. yet until 1 o'clock still no change. but hey, they trying their might to make our life easier. so we have to relax and be patient. patient? duuuhh, next week, F6 start their first day on monday, n there still alot of things to do! dis other 'pemohonan' takes a long time to give their green lite, n today is the last day to now the verdict.

me before i knew a get petronas, i went to Hj Mohd Zain house, to get his signature as 'saksi' 4 my matrics application. if petronas open their web a bit late, i'll burn rm440 for matrics coz tomorrow is public holiday. coz of the time factor, i nearly burn dat amount of money! we cant pay cash on the registration day, but we must bank'in the money. then bring along the resit on monday to register. cash or personal check, tak dilayan. karenah birokrasi....

another time factor make me missed MARA sponsorship. their interview is on monday 17 april, n guess wat petronas also on the same day. so i asked MARA to change the date. wat i get 'sorry la, kitrorg tak leh tukar hari untuk kamu, kami dah ambil keputusan utk tidak melayan penukaran hari'.

MARA set up near 1 week to interview all the candidates. unlucky 4 me, i get on dat monday, can't u change it 4 me? i'll bet more out there frustrated like me coz, another 'karenah birokrasi'. i cant change my petronas coz they set a camp before interview. thank god i get dis sponsorship.

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