Saturday, 10 May 2008

hah! my 1st blog at last!

attention, dis is my ancient post of my FS blog

guess i have to wait until i 18 so dat i can make 1, duuuhh.... aren't technologies great? (dlm BM, ape guna teknology tanpa insan)

nothin much to say, but, actually there 1. dis is most painful yet colours flying around birthday.
painful? yes... i'm sick on my birthday. the worst part, food-poisoned( i missed good food n worst no spicy food!).

colours flying around? heh, drove to subang parade and had lunch for two wit someone. got 1 present from that person, most wonderful, never receive it except from my mom. lunch at kenny rogers, (wat big chicken they have!), the side dish is more than enough. (wat mussy mashed potato they have)

previous years of my birthday.... cried a lot. once coz i couldn't train my cricket...then...emmm... stomach ache (sembelit).... ada lagi tak? ... hmm... tak ingat, but quiet alot of worst birthday i had, but still i'm 1 year older (dis year me makin blog) and 1 year closer to get married, 1 year closer to death...

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